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Ep. 83: Helping Your Business Grow with Cannaline Marketing ft. Qazi & Leslie

Coming from different backgrounds and cultures, Qazi & Leslie share with us their cannabis journeys, along with their cannabis cultivation and dispensary marketing expertise! Tune in while we ask questions about creating content, falling into creative slumps, how to find balance while creating, and everything in between!

Ep. 82: Sexual wellness brand + Cannabis ft. Lindsey with Oshihana

We know sex is something that can be uncomfortable for people to talk about and it may vary for different reasons person to person, but the reality is we’re all humans, we all have a body and sex is normal. Sex isn’t something that has to be an uncomfortable topic, there’s actually WAY more to it than what meets the eye. Oshihana is a premium skin care line devoted entirely to sexual wellness and recovery. Using certified organic ingredients, they create effective, soothing products with your happiest, healthiest self in mind. Tune in while Lindsey shares her story and passion behind the brand, Oshihana.

Ep. 81: The Marijuana Conspiracy Film ft. Doreen Brown

In 1972, five young women were looking for a fresh start in life and decided to become apart of a radical experiment studying the effects of weed on women. Despite the agendas of the government, they used their unique strengths, and friendship to overcome adversity. The reason this filmed happened was because of Doreen Brown, who was one of the real life women that this film is based upon. Tune in, while we have the pleasure of asking her all the juicy questions of her experience and what she went through during this era. THE MARIJUANA CONSPIRACY is now available On Demand and Digital.

Ep. 80: PABST Cannabis Seltzers ft. Mark Faicol

Cannabis infused seltzers are slowly entering the market and we have the pleasure of speaking with Mark who is the brand manager of PABST beverages! This brand has been around for decades and they have a legacy that has always been very innovative and creative with the products they provide to the consumers. Tune in while we get to pick Mark’s brain about the vision behind PABST and why they chose to enter the cannabis world.

Ep. 79: Helping you get your medical marijuana card with Veriheal ft. Anthony

A healthcare technology company that’s here to provide personalized cannabis education! They make it easy for you to get your medical marijuana recommendation and card by helping you find the right doctor and setting you up with an appointment! Veriheal believes in the healing power of marijuana, and that everyone who needs cannabis has access to it, and for every patient to find the treatment that they truly deserve. Tune in while we have the pleasure of speaking with Anthony, who is the Marketing Director of the company.

Ep. 78: Cari with Merry Jane + Top Tree

Meet Cari. She does it all and wears many hats in the cannabis advertising, marketing and promoting industry. She’s the VP of client relations for dope brands, one which is Snoop Dogg’s. Very involved in the cannabis culture for everyone, tune in while we pick her bossed up woman brain, share stories, and get to know Cari better!

Ep. 77: The Oklahoma cannabis gold rush and an undeniably healing plant ft. Wesley Holloway

Meet Wesley. He's a friend of ours that we have known for several years and now we're both in the cannabis industry, making moves! He wears many hats and it's neat to see your friends thrive, while bonding over the same thing..weed! Tune in while Wes shares first time smoking stories, the empire he's building with brands, preferred consumption methods & terpene profiles, growing hemp, and studying the cannabis plant with the benefits that are undeniably healing.

Ep. 76: Gkua Ultra Premium aka Weezy’s Weed ft. Beau

As a part of our industry leader series, we have the pleasure of speaking with Beau from the ultra premium brand, Gkua. It’s affiliated with the legendary rapper and cannabis connoisseur, Lil Wayne. Gkua is about being real, being appreciative and inspiring artists and dreamers. Weezy’s Weed is in the Oklahoma Market! Tune in while we ask questions about this brand, what Gkua means, and how they work with local growers and processors here to create product for patients in Oklahoma.

Ep. 75: Vegas rapper Zie + creativity with cannabis

As a part of our Cannabis Conversations series, welcome Vegas rapper/artist, Zie. He’s big in the music scene and is the first rapper we know of that has his own branded rolling papers! Tune in while we share stories and connect over one common thing, Cannabis.

Ep. 74: Family culture & stigmas with cannabis ft. JMO

Meet JMO. He’s a friend of ours that we’ve know for a while now! Tune in while we share first timers, transitioning from the black market to the legal one, being medicated in different places, family cultures and stigmas, and all the opportunity there is within the cannabis industry.

Ep. 73: Hermetic Philosophy, organic relationships & cannabis, while navigating life ft. Alex Ritter with Hermetic Flower Co.

Meet Alex. He’s the owner of Hermetic Flower Company here in Oklahoma. He has such a beautiful soul with loads of knowledge to share, along with a tendency to naturally expand your mind. Organic living soil and creating his own compost on site is his growing style, and we love that! Tune in while Alex shares all his passions with us, the organic side of cannabis, first time smoking stories growing up, taking care of the people who ride with you and the passion behind what the Hermetic Philosophy is and what it means. Hold on guys while he blows our minds together!

Ep. 72: Massage, meditation & cannabis ft. Mae Mullins

Meet Mae with Indie Care Oklahoma. She’s a massage therapist who connects through cannabis and meditation and we love all of these things combined! We share cannabis journeys and bond over self care with cannabis. Tune in, while Mae shares her story and inspires us with her bright light along the way.

Ep. 71: Energy, Native Movement & Cannabis ft. Bailee Bruce

Meet Bailee. Reiki practitioner, light worker, and beautiful soul. She practices plant and energy medicine and is big into native movement! Tune in while Bailee inspires us, teaches us and shares with us her personal cannabis journey and how she incorporates what she’s passionate about together.

Ep. 70: Autism + Cannabis with mother and patient ft. Paula

Meet Paula. A mom of 2 autistic boys here in Oklahoma. She also helps other kids that have special needs get their medical cards for free. She’s here to share their story with us, what their journey has been like with using cannabis for her kids to calm them and feel better, and for herself. This isn’t something that a lot of people have tapped into with autism, so tune in while we share stories and bond over such a medicinal plant.

Ep. 69: Oh Hi THC infused seltzer beverage ft. Tucker Cason

Born in Durango, CO and brewed in Oklahoma, these fun, fast and effective seltzer drinks are tasty, refreshing and 10 mg a piece with different effects and flavors! They just hit the Oklahoma market and we’re hyped about these! This brand is meeting a clean seltzer need in our market and we can’t wait to share it all with you! Tune in, while we talk cannabis journeys, blasts from the past, and the hottest new beverage on the market. Visit ohhithc.com for further information.

Ep. 68: Cannabis Juicing with Dr. Pepper Hernandez

Curious about juicing cannabis? Tune in while we speak with the knowledgeable, Dr. Pepper Hernandez, as she enlightens us on the benefits of juicing cannabis leaves instead of tossing them aside. We talk about the types of leaves your looking for and the non-psychoactive effects that this process holds, the energy that’s poured into growing plants and how you feel, along with the science and passion behind it.

Ep. 67: Peter with 1906 New Highs

Meet Peter. The CEO of the popular edible drops brand. Every drop is built to fit easily into your everyday life, which is something we love and value! 1906 New Highs is classic and dependable and help elevate or inspire the very best in modern bliss, chill, love, movement, genius and sleep. They make everything a little better and life more enjoyable! These fast acting plant medicines for modern living are staple products for us! Tune in while we get all the passion behind the well sought after, evolving brand, 1906. If you want to ask questions or give them feedback text (303) 529-2943.

Ep. 66: Moving your body with cannabis & opening your mind with perspective ft. Albany Anderson

Meet Albany. Cannabinoid enthusiast, yoga lover and all things cannabis science. She's on fire and always eager to learn more about this healing plant! Albany shares her passion with us and how she bonds with her parents through cannabis and how it's created a whole different perspective on the way she views and chooses to live life. We pick her brain on what she thinks needs work in the Oklahoma market, what she loves about being a patient while working in the industry, along with her thoughts on the "pot head" stigma. Tune in while we chop it up with this ray of sunshine.

Ep. 65 Living that entrepreneurial life with cannabis ft. Alexa Ace

Meet Alexa. Badass woman, cannabis consumer, creative content creator, and the host of the Women + Music podcast. Tune in while we talk about what her journey has been like with cannabis and music, what inspires her, and how living that entrepreneur life always keeps you on your toes!

Ep. 64: Living the van life and chasing mountains with Bunni Bishop

Meet Bunni. She is a well spoken, adventure seeker, fun lover of all things, and such a breath of fresh air. After losing her mom, she hit the road running with a van and her road dawg, Bali. She loves to find the mountains and meet new people along the way. She's inspiring, loving, and gives us all the details you're dying to know. Tune in while Bunni shares with us the how and why behind the highly sought after van life and how cannabis balances her out, while she chases her dreams and next adventure.

Ep. 63: Cannabis photography, keeping your creative juices flowing & always rising above ft. Jeff aka CasedGod

Meet Jeff. Such a genuine soul! He’s a creative Cannabis photographer in the industry, who also loves dabbing/concentrates! Tune in while he shares about stimulating his appetite with cannabis, transitioning from drugs to cannabis to cope, pushing to always doing your best while rising above your circumstances and bonding with your significant other over this plant. Jeff drops some solid advice about treating others right and staying in your own lane, while reminding us that the universe always has your back.

Ep. 62: What is the Entourage Effect?

The combined effect of different compounds found in cannabis that work together as a whole to produce a greater effect, rather than working alone. Two is better than one! Smoking flower is the most effective way to receive all the goodness of terpenes and cannabinoids. Tune in while talk tinctures, concentrates and edibles and how they all tie into this effect!

Ep. 61: Using Cannabis for sobriety, anxiety & mental well being ft. Kelsey Dunlap

Meet Kelsey. She's a local medical marijuana patient, who really loves dabs/concentrates. In this Cannabis Conversation, Kelsey shares her story with us. We talk about using cannabis in sobriety and recovery and treating drug addiction along with the infamous question, "is marijuana a gateway drug?". Tune in while we share staple products we can't leave the house without and 'aha' moments when we feel that cannabis is truly our medicine. We're honored to receive Kelsey's story as she opens up to us, while inspiring and giving hope to others out there.

Ep. 60: Quality concentrates & Mammoth updates with Blake & Derek

In this episode we invite Blake & Derek back on for another episode! They are behind the quality concentrate brand, Mammoth, along with Gunner who recently joined forces with them. We talk about what they are up to, updates and what we can look out for in the near future, like their hash rosin they’re releasing! Stay tuned while we talk about the quality of concentrates, the difference between “tincture” & “elixir”, what their capsules consist of, and high sugar content in edibles. We get the script flipped on us by Derek, who thinks we should be interviewed too. There’s LOTS of witty humor with these two goofballs in between!

Ep. 59: Cannabinoid Connection: Delta 8 & CBN

Join us for another episode of our Cannabinoid Connection series, where we break down Delta 8 and CBN. Delta 8 seems to be more of a complex cannabinoid, compared to CBN, but the research on some of them isn't fully developed and still happening. Tune in while we educate you on these cannabinoids and how they can act as a replacement for prescription pain pills post surgery, aid in slowing down ALS, along with trying to wrap our minds around the legality in different states with Delta 8. Hit play to learn and grow with us!

Ep. 58: Adapting and growing with Cannabis ft. Matt Little

Meet Matt. He’s been a friend of ours through the years and he’s currently in the cannabis industry here in Oklahoma City. We talk about the old days, why it’s a good idea to follow the growers you love and his love for shatter concentrates, and what it’s like to be open with family about your consumption and being successful at the same time. Tune in while he shares his cannabis journey with you!

Ep. 57: Cannabis social app freedom without censoring ft. Buddy Jane

We speak with Loni and Paul who are the founders of a cannabis social app called Buddy Jane. All things cannabis related in one place. You can share posts, hop on a budcast and smoke with people anywhere in the world. It’s a community for cannabis without it being censored on Instagram or Facebook. Tune in while we discuss the passion behind creating such an app.

Ep. 56: Cannabinoid Connection ft. CBD & CBG

As apart of our Cannabinoid Connection series, we discuss two of the non-psychoactive ones CBD and CBG. Just like terpenes, cannabinoids have their own contribution to the effects of the cannabis plant. Tune in while we tell you all the unique benefits of them and what direct impact that have on our Endocannabinoid System and our receptors, sending signals to our brains and how our bodies react to them.

Ep. 55: Coping with depression & anxiety with Cannabis ft. Cassidy J

Meet Cassidy. Local medical patient who is a huge flower girl. We talk about depression and how we think more clearly with using cannabis. Cassidy shares strains that work for her in the morning and throughout the day, while comparing different tasting wine to cannabis strains.

Ep. 54: What's trimming and how to do it ft. Bryce with Kola Organics

In this episode we have Bryce from Kola Organics in OKC on for a second round of a knowledge drop! He goes through the detailed process of their trim, strain lineage, genetic process and lots of cannabis science in between. We express how going to the Kola warehouse is always nothing but a vibe with their team and passion. Tune in while we have a natural conversation with Bryce and bond over cannabis. #TeamKola

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