Ep. 7: Living Soil Strain Review with Kola Organics

Join us for this industry leader session, while we try out and review strains from one of our favorite local grows in Oklahoma, Kola Organics. We share what the taste, smoothness and high is like for us with EACH strain (so bare with us!) View the full show notes for more about Kola and what they stand for.

Kola Organics grows in a custom living soil that they make from scratch. They also feed with custom microbial teas that they make. Both the soil and water are very alive with microbial activity and offer the plant a buffet of nutrients to eat what kind of nutrient it wants, when it wants it. (They don't force feed with synthetic fertilizers) This allows their plants to grow to their full potential for cannabinoids and terpenes and never need to be "flushed" (Unlike hydro weed). Kola Organics also breeds their own genetics for select traits, so their weed is very rare and will naturally get better with time. 

You can always count on Kola's bud for a great smell, smooth hit, and a nice entourage effect. The bud is alive too, so you can feel that it's truly good for you! 

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