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Ep. 41: CBD flower, 1:1 edibles and chasing that body high

Freestyle product reviews this time! We’re giving you the run down on what our current favorites brands, strains, edibles, and concentrates are right now. Sunday Extracts, 1906 New Highs, Cola Cuts, Nature's Key, Wana's, full spectrum cured resin, CBD flower and local growers. Roll with us while we share our staples!

Ep. 40: My doctor prescribed me cannabis ft. Carly

Meet Carly. She’s a cannabis advocate living in Ontario. Tune in while she shares her journey with us, how the medical marijuana system works in Ontario, and how cannabis has saved her life after her doctor prescribed her to use it.

Ep. 39: Distillate, high quality, solvent free extractions with Spherex

Meet Dan. Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer of Spherex, an innovative cannabis extraction company and producer of top-shelf vape cartridges, dablicators and infused products. Spherex's high-quality distillate is solvent-free and comes in 10 all-natural terpene profiles for a flavorful experience. (Products currently available in Oklahoma include Spherex PAX Pods.) Tune in while we pick Dan’s brain about the company, the inspiration behind it, and what you can expect from such a popular, classy brand.

Ep. 38: What is RSO and what is it good for?

Who’s Rick Simpson? What is his significance? What does RSO do for medical marijuana patients? Who is it for? We know there’s lots of questions regarding RSO and we’re here to break down the benefits and characteristics of a really healing and concentrated form of cannabis.

Ep. 37: Music, cannabis and inspiration ft. High Times Magazine Host Kid Lennon

Meet Kid Lennon. Hippie kid. Chief Peace. Host of High Times Magazine. He’s an artist and musician and we talk all things cannabis, stigmas, music, inspiration, figuring out our paths, soul conversations and everything in between. This dude has so much passion and we’re definitely here for it, and you don’t want to miss it.

Ep.36: What are full spectrum and C02 extracts? Blake & Derek with Mammoth

Meet Derek and Blake. Two best friends behind the full spectrum, premium CO2 cannabis extracts company, Mammoth. Local to Oklahoma City, they give us a run down on what full-spectrum cartridges are and what that process looks like, compared to distillate. These two are their brand, and very creative with everything they pour into it. Tune in while we share stories, with lots of laughs and mad knowledge in between.

Ep. 35: Terpene Talk ft. Terpinolene & Pinene

We finish our Terpene Talk series with a bang! Tune in while we break down the characteristics of two terpenes that are uplifting and soothing, and how cannabis terpenes with Alzheimer’s could be healing and practiced more.

Ep. 34: Cultural Differences + Cannabis with Shahid

Meet Shahid. Tune in while he shares his cannabis journey, transitioning from alcohol to weed, cultural differences when it comes to this plant, and the ups and downs of navigating the stigma with family, while using this medicinal plant to heal.

Ep. 33: Former NFL player grows cannabis ft. Bryce Davis with Kola Organics

Meet Bryce Davis. Former NFL player and the man behind, Kola Organics. One of our most favorite grows and we’re not lying. Kola grows in a custom living soil that they make from scratch. You can always count on them for a great smell, smooth hit, and a nice entourage effect. In this episode, we get a ton of knowledge, education and passion dropped on us! Tune in, while he shares his journey from playing pro sports and transitioning into what he REALLY loves, the cannabis plant.

Ep. 32: Terpene Talk ft. Myrcene & Caryophyllene

We break down two of our most favorite terpenes and tell you all of the beneficial qualities that they each, uniquely carry. Curious about a natural anti inflammatory reliever or easing withdraw symptoms? Let’s break it all down.

Ep. 31: Impacting your family with your cannabis use ft. Logen Noelle

Meet Logen. She’s a cannabis enthusiast, lover of the plant and believes that cannabis is her medicine, regardless of what family and friends may say. Tune in with us while Logen shares her journey with cannabis and how it has drastically impacted her life, for the better!

Ep. 30: Transitioning from CO to OK market ft. Riley with Kured Cannabis Co.

Meet Riley. He’s a local and passionate grower here in OKC and has been in the industry for 10 years. Transitioning from Colorado back to Oklahoma, we talk industry stigmas, quality flower and OG strains, and a few other things in between.

Ep. 29: Terpene Talk ft. Linalool & Limonene

Are you wondering what’s in these specific terpenes? What are they best suited for? Are they right for you? We give you the run down on these two terpenes and break down their smell, where to find them, what they target and why they are important!

Ep. 28: Concentrates, Solvents & Consistency with Jon M

What’s a concentrate? What’s a dab? The world of concentrates is wide, just like strain hunting. We talk with John while he gives us a run down on the different types of concentrates, solvents, consistencies, terpene profiles and the benefits of them all. You’re in for a good educational conversation.

Ep. 27: What to know when buying distillate vape carts ft. Bruce Williams with Timeless

Do you ever wonder what a distillate process is, what it means and what to look for while buying cannabis vape carts? We chat with Bruce Williams, from Timeless vapes, while he educates us on what we need to know about vape carts and what the different creation processes of concentrates look like.

Ep. 26: What are terpenes?

Do you ever wonder why cannabis smells so good? Do you shop with your nose when you go into a dispensary? How do terpenes benefit your body? In this episode we break this all down. Stay tuned for future episodes that will break down individual terpenes, and what their jobs are.

Ep. 25: Sobriety and transitioning from alcohol to weed ft. Erik Montoya

Meet Erik. He’s a cannabis enthusiast that has mad love for this healing plant. We talk sobriety and transitioning from alcohol to weed, our families and the stigma, and personal growth with cannabis.

Ep. 24: Cannabis law attorney Rachel Klubeck with Loud Consulting

Meet Rachel. She’s the CEO of Loud Consulting and a cannabis law attorney with Smith & Klubeck in Oklahoma City. We learn a lot in this episode with her baller expertise. Tune in while we talk past smoking memories, current cannabis times in OK, mmj patient views, and what it’s like to be a young woman in this industry and killing it.

Ep. 23: Cannabis products we love right now

Tune in while we share with you what strains, vape pens, concentrates and edibles that we’ve really been digging lately. We know recommendations go a long way, so let’s break it all down!

Ep. 22: How cannabis helps your mental state and well being with Jonathan Thiery

In this episode we have a cannabis conversation with our friend, Jonathan Thiery. We talk about how using cannabis helps our mental state and well being, and how it allows us to open our minds with new perspectives.

Ep. 21: Online smoke and sweat session app with Morgan From Stoned + Toned

Morgan is the founder of an online smoke and sweat sessions app. It’s where cannabis meets cardio! If you haven’t downloaded Stoned + Toned yet, you will by the end of this episode. Tune in while we talk about all the benefits of smoking while working out.

Ep. 20: Coasting with Cannabis throughout your day

In this episode we talk about what our days look like while using cannabis. We all have some sort of routine from the time we wake up, until we hit the hay. Tune in to see how different our routines are from each other.

Ep. 19: Weed is the new wine with Reagan Bradley Co Founder Of Women Who Weed

Reagan is a cannabis enthusiast and is the co founder of Women Who Weed. She’s from Canada and believes that weed is the new wine. Join us while we talk about how cannabis removes social barriers, along with the legalization difference in Canada and the US.

Ep. 18: Women + Weed with Oklahoma Poster Child ft. Jeana

Jeana is a poster child in the cannabis industry, here in Oklahoma. She is all about community over competition and strives to bring people together to bond through cannabis. She’s a creator, networker, hustler, and one of the most passionate, busy, and hard working women we know. Listen in while she shares her journey through cannabis and what her next moves are.

Ep. 17: RA + Cannabis

Meet Mark & Chelsea. Listen in while they share their story of pain with RA, getting rid of pharmaceuticals, and their pure passion with their current home grow. We talk strains, bonding over this medicinal plant, and growing your own medicine.

Ep. 16: Cannabis Sabbaticals and Perspectives with Tyler Grant

In this series of cannabis conversations, we talk with our friend Tyler and share current perspectives, cannabis sabbaticals, and past memories with cannabis.

Ep. 15: CBD Skincare + Cannabis Reformation with Taylor + Tess

We interview the ambitious,Tess Taylor, who owns a wonderful CBD skincare line, with effective plant based ingredients. Tess is smart, passionate about her family, social equity, reformation in the cannabis industry, and The War On Drugs. Listen in while we share stories and learn a lot, while opening our eyes to a different side of cannabis.

Ep. 14: Micro dosing and tolerance levels with edibles

Edibles aren’t for everyone, but they are a great alternative if you don’t like to consume cannabis by smoking it. We talk about micro dosing, while sharing our tolerance levels, and how we all have unique experiences with edibles. Curious about how to consume? This episode is for you.

Ep. 13: Creativity + Music with Local Rap Artist Josh Sallee

On this episode of Cannabis Conversations we interview local rap artist, Josh Sallee. We talk all things weed related and how marijuana has influenced his life, creativity and music.

Ep. 12: How To Enjoy A Smoke Free Cannabis Experience

There are a variety of different ways to consume cannabis. In this episode we break down other ways to enjoy using your medicine, without having to smoke it.

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